How to Write an Awesome Blog Entry

Quite recently, you might have encountered an exquisitely composed blog entry while dredging the Internet for some useful information. You couldn’t help but notice the eloquence and conversational tone employed by the writer. You wonder, “How can I write an awesome blog entry as this one?”

Really, there’s an art to creating blog entries. Candidly, you don’t just throw words to paper. Much thought is needed when creating a blog post, especially if you want to retain your readers. To supplement, it involves more than reading through several articles, while mulling on which to closely shadow. Your blog entries need to be unique with a hint of your personality. Take that away from your readers and you could be classified as just another ‘blogger’. Want to learn how to write an awesome blog entry? Continue…

Proper Meditation and Forethought

How to Write an Awesome Blog EntryBefore putting pen to paper or hands to keyboard, it’s important to consider the subject in question. What subject will you be writing on? Is it a topic you’re highly adept in writing or will you need to perform extensive research to get the work done? To supplement, from what angle will you compose that article? What is your narrative perspective and the thoughts you want to convey to your readers? Bearing those questions in mind is just the start of an enormous process that will flow seamlessly once you have things written down.

Putting Important Pieces on Paper (Create an Outline)

It’s amazing what the mind can accomplish, but sometimes, even the best of us forget things. Forgetting what you formerly had in mind to write is easy. With that said, putting things to paper or at least typing what you want to write about is important to actually getting it done.

To add, working from an outline should provide a candid view as to what you need to do to start and finish your blog entry.


Your introduction should captivate and grasp the hearts of your readers. Start your introduction with a bang. Make every attempt to dodge those generic intros as they’ll only dissuade readers from reading your blog entry in full. Even though most blog entries aren’t creative pieces, unless it’s a personal blog, adding creative or flowery terms to the entry should provide substance to your readers. Learning a few literary devices should assist in this regard.

The Body and Supporting Paragraph

The body of your article is pretty much the fleshy part. This component of your blog entry should provide value and relevance to the reader. Bear in mind that each paragraph in the body of your blog entry should connect in some way. This can be accomplished by using transitional adverbs or words. Use separate paragraphs to underscore different ideas.


Every blog post has a conclusion. Your conclusion should include a rehash of the main points mentioned in the body of your article. Your conclusion should not include any new information but just a summary of what has already been said.

Start Writing

After creating an outline, you’re now ready to put things into cohesive action. Contrary to what is distributed online, writing a blog entry does not need to take days or months. If you’re good at your art and knowledgeable about the subject in question, you could be done in just a matter of hours. To supplement a particular situation you’re addressing through your blog post, it’s shrewd to use statistics, data, tables, examples and even external links.

Revise! Revise! Revise!

Countless bloggers make this mistake. They do revise and proofread, but it’s not done extensively. Our eyes do make mistakes. A case in point: When some bloggers revise their work, they anticipate that a particular sentence should read a particular way. Sometimes, as a result of that expectancy, their eyes overlook or merely pass by a word that is either absent, or present but with a minor discrepancy.

Sadly, many bloggers only make time to review their work once. That’s a terrible road to trod, as clients and readers are alert to grammar and other discrepant in blog entries. Irrespective of how time-consuming it seems, make it a custom to review your work at least three to four times before hitting publish.

Nothing beats a manual revision. If you do employ a grammar tool, it’s sage to provide a manual revision.

Avoid These Mistakes When Writing a Blog Entry

Even an exceptional writer make mistakes; always bear that in mind. However, these mistakes can be minimized by anticipating what they are. Not sure what these mistakes are? Here are a few.

Superfluous words

How to Write an Awesome Blog EntrySimplicity is the best pie to give your audience. Sure, readers love to encounter a few extravagant words here and there, but using them excessively throughout your blog entry might turn people off. Why? In most cases, especially when you cater for a super busy audience, they don’t have adequate time to dig up their lexicon for a new word. Use extravagant words sparingly. Readers tend to develop a loathing for words they cannot comprehend.

Making everything personal

Granted, people love to hear a good gossip story… that’s if you’re a celebrity. Stop making your blog entries about you. Unless you’re blogging to retain your own memories or share life events online with friends and family, no one wants to read about what you had for dinner. Stop pussyfooting around! Keep your blog entries to the point and informational.

Your Content Reflects the Thoughts of Someone Else

Research is inevitable. However, that does not permit any blogger to closely mimic or spin the content of someone else. Your blog entries should reflect your personality and style of writing. It’s a brutal offence to copy and paste the sweat and blood of other bloggers who are writing in a similar niche. Do your own research and formulate your thoughts to create a cohesive blog entry.

You’ll never have a perfect writing piece. However, you can create the ultimate blog entry that’ll serve the intended purpose, whether to engage, inform or persuade. Keep your blog entries alive and allow your readers to get lost in your words by focussing on the aforementioned tips.

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