The Proven Formula for the Perfect Blog Post [Infographic]

Whether you are a professional blogger or you are new to the blogging world, there is a formula that you must follow to create the perfect blog post. If you do not include all of the elements below, you will find that your blog post is not as attention grabbing as you want it to […]

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37 Awesome Tools To Generate Traffic Pulling Blog Post Ideas

The main concerns many people express while starting their blog is the difficulty in finding good topics for the blog post. Indeed, it is a concern for even regular bloggers to find a steady supply of blog topic ideas. Here in this article, I will show you the tools that you can use to generate […]

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Emotion Color Mapping – What Colors To Use In Your Design [Infographic]

Color can influence our perceptions. So it is important to choose the right colors for your design. Design includes Web Design , logo design or any design element that you expose to your customers and readers. The study of the effects of color on people’s behaviour is called Color Psychology. Did you know that the […]

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Traffic Generation Idea Of The Week: Giveaways

Giveaways can be a great way of showing off one of your products as well as building up your following on social media or even on an email list. However, there are some important things to remember if you are thinking of running a giveaway.

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11 Awesome Methods To Create Engaging Visual Content [infographic]

Blog posts with images get 94% more total views. Visual content attracts social media traffic. Moreover, visual content multiplies the chances of content being shared. There are a number of reasons to create visual content. How to create great visual content (even if you are not a graphic designer)? This infographic shows you how.

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9 Psychology Lessons To Apply In Your Web Design

The power to evoke the right emotions in web design and to touch the right cord with your visitors will help making your website popular and improve conversion rates. Luckily, when you’re not running a massive website it’s much easier to make changes to your website design without worrying about any negative consequences. The paradox […]

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