Should I Start My Own Blog? [Infographic]

Should I Start a Blog Infographic

In recent years, blogging has somewhat taken over the internet and you can now find blogs on any topic you could think of. Some have become full-time bloggers and manage to earn a good income from it but many simply try for a while and then fail. So what should you know before starting a blog?

Your passion should be the sole reason …

Nothing is as important as passion
The reason why many blogs end up failing is because they started for the wrong reasons, they started because they wanted to make money. However, this cannot be your sole purpose for starting a blog otherwise you will soon get tired out and lose motivation when the money doesn’t flow in as you expected. The main reason for starting a blog has to be passion; if you blog about something you don’t enjoy, it will come across in your posts. For this reason, you need to choose something that you know you will never tire of writing about. You should write about what you know and love and find others who share your passion.

Choose your niche carefully, do some research first

Rather than just choosing a broad topic to blog about, you should try and find a niche to hit a custom audience. There are thousands of blogs on the internet so you have to stand out at every point along the way, the best way to do this is to carry out some keyword research and find out what people are searching for. Most people on the internet are looking for an answer to a question so let your blog be the answer but remember, not too broad and equally, not too narrow as you won’t be able to find an audience.

Be prepared to go social

You have to join communities, make friends, and build followers who will wait upon your every post.Social media can be your best friend at times as it allows people to find your blog. Furthermore, you have to reach out to other bloggers in your field and start to build relationships which can lead to ‘guest blogging’ in an attempt to increase your readership. Without social media, your blog could end up lost like so many before it.

Be prepared to write regularly

Write regularly
When blogging first became a ‘thing’, the main idea was to blog whenever you had something to say but with the level of competition these days, this approach will no longer work. You have to be prepared to write consistently otherwise people will just lose interest whilst waiting and find someone else to follow. This is where your passion really comes through as you shouldn’t have a problem writing about something you love 3/4 times a week.

Be prepared to help

Help Other People – Again, the times have changed so you will struggle to grow your blog by yourself; instead, you should get involved in communities, forums and other people’s blogs. Similarly, you should spend time visiting question answer sites as this can be a great way to direct people to your blog. Don’t be annoying on forums though and just spam your blog everywhere, you have to earn respect and a reputation.

Read, Read, Read!

read a lot
You want to be an expert in your field, right? Well, this means that you have to stay up to date with all the latest news and goings on. You need to follow news channels, other blogs, forums, communities, and more, to stay ‘in the know’ so you can, in turn, keep your readers up to date.

Blogging is fantastic with the prospect of becoming a full-time job but you have to be aware of these 6 things and remember before you start a blog ask yourself if you are really committed. Your passion will come across in a topic you love and will become one of the main reasons you are followed!

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