Emotion Color Mapping – What Colors To Use In Your Design [Infographic]

Color can influence our perceptions. So it is important to choose the right colors for your design. Design includes Web Design , logo design or any design element that you expose to your customers and readers.

The study of the effects of color on people’s behaviour is called Color Psychology. Did you know that the influence of color on a person’s behaviour is so strong that Blue Street Lights are used to decrease street crimes?
Imagine the role color can have in customers perception and emotional association.

FastWebStart.com has a emotion color mapping tool here:
Find the emotion color mapping tool here http://tools.fastwebstart.com/colors

There are numerous articles on applying color psychology principles in design.

However, one thing missing is solid examples of what colors to apply for a certain topic.
The infographic below shows examples of topics and the associated colors.

What colors to use in your design infographic

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