How to Create a Great Blog Name

Really, creating a great blog name is no secret. Why? Simply, we all have names. However, some persons are more susceptible to recall a name against another, as a consequence of disparate factors. To create that outstanding blogor domain name that people can recall, there are various factors to ponder. Among the various factors to consider, a few are highlighted below. 

Use a Business Related Name

How to Create a Great Blog NameA blog name can be created based on the business you presently operate or is thinking about operating. If you already have a physical business with a brand, creating a blog name with something contrary is just ridiculous and terrible business practice. If your principal intent is to promote your business using your blog, using the same name is a wise idea. That way, when people do encounter your blog name, your business readily comes to mind. That’s a sure-fire way to improve your business prospects and revenue.

Tip: Use your business name as your blog name. That’s a great way to build your brand.

Show Intention and Purpose

This is a mistake made frequently by many bloggers when creating a blog name. Blog names should be cohesive. What does that mean? Simply, it should relate or portray everything your blog represents. Once your blog name is encountered, people should readily identify what it is to anticipate. The name of your blog shouldn’t be a secret or wow factor. The name should not inflict apprehension or have people lingering in thoughts, wondering what the hell your blog message is. People loathe what they cannot understand. If they’re unable to perceive the purpose or intentions of your blog just by looking at your blog name, they’ll probably link both as unrelated and move on to a blog bearing a name with a purpose.

Tip: Incorporate keywords for best SEO practices within your blog name (which is equivalent to your domain). If your website is about makeup, using “makeup” in your blog name is readily identified.

For Peace Sake, Dodge That Sophisticated Name

We all would like to tout our linguistic and verbiage prowess. However, not only could it impress people, but it could be a potential repellent, especially when incorporated in a blog name. Avoid using blog names that are complex or difficult to recollect. Do you find it easy to recollect the name of someone you’ve had a brief encounter with if their name is long or unheard of? The same applies with blog names. If your blog name is too sophisticated or long, people won’t remember it. For peace sake, please use a simple and easily pronounced blog name.

Tip: Simplicity is always best.

Use a Thesaurus

How to Create a Great Blog NameThe blog name conjured in your head won’t always be available. Someone else might have beaten you to that idea. However, that’s no basis to despair. Grab a Thesaurus and get ready to read your rights. You could always substitute words with synonyms. Could you use a similar word in place of another? Even if you don’t have a blog name on hand, only ideas, the Thesaurus is perfect for digging up those goldmine names.

Tip: If a blog name is already taken, use a Thesaurus to seek out related words.

Once you have an idea down and the intended purpose of your blog, acquiring a blog name should be less tedious. Follow the suggestions and things should flow smoothly.

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