The Best of Construction Website Templates

Here are some of the best hand picked construction website themes for your WordPress website

Spectrum Construction

Spectrum Construction is a WordPress theme which is multi-trade and has been specially designed for setups in the industry of construction. The developers of this theme have worked to incorporate the major components of the skill-set required in the construction industry.
spectrum construction theme

The installation process has been kept fairly simple where it is carried out via “One Click Install”. Here it provides the user with multiple options to choose from in terms of the requirements of the specific industry. For instance, they have categories like Electrician, Landscape Gardener, Joinery, Construction etc from which the user can in this case simply select the option for Construction.
In fact, the developers are even introducing other options soon such which will include choices like Plastering, Plumber, Painter and Decorator, Conservatories and Windows as well, which only serves to highlight how well structured their themes are to meet the indigenous requirements for each area of work.
This service allows for the user to get their website running in good time without any delays, they also come with all the plug-ins that may be required for any user with premium requirements. They offer video parallax backgrounds, brilliant typography and typefaces, full screen images, animations and more. The price for the complete set of features is only $58.


The BuildPress theme comes with a unique display flow which provides a prominent header area right at the front on top of the page. This area can be utilized to reveal important information regarding your firm and display it in a rather striking fashion so as to make it more convenient and approachable for your customers and also attracting new clients.
buildpress construction theme
The Envato Market has this on their catalogue as one of the bestsellers in the category with high demand. One of the reasons for its market success again have to do with the availability of  a one-click install demo so you are not forced to start from the absolute beginning or ground-up, which ultimately saves you both time and effort.
It provides a brilliant yet simple drag and drop style of incorporating or removing any of the elements of the page which makes the process more user-friendly and interactive. The design is hence quite responsive and the customization is carried out in real time.

In this theme, construction companies can also incorporate the use of widgets and sidebars especially if they wish to build a presence on social media social webites and applications. This theme is of the type that you tend to keep for a longer period of time rather than discarding or replacing soon, it is built to last. The price is $59. Future updates shall also be available with a 6 month support from Proteus Themes.

The Mega Project Construction Company WordPress theme

MegaProject is a theme designed specifically for construction companies and construction companies only. The sleek display provides an attractive sliding viewer which can be used in order to showcase some of the best jobs that you may wish to advertise.
mega project construction template
They explicitly mention the presence of a Goodlerys page builder which helps you in designing your pages without having to go through the trouble of working with codes.

There are multiple kinds of layout options available, they can be full-width or even boxed. If you wish to sell any items directly from your website, you may also use the availability of integration with WooCommerce for this theme. This theme is priced at $59 with support of 6 months from Goodlayers. Future updates are also available.


The developers of Expression  theme confidently believe that if you actually want to ensure that all your visitors are also clients then perhaps considering the Expression WordPress theme would be a wise choice of action.
expression theme
The theme provides and expansive wide screen layout where the entire theme has been built in such a way that it shall function from one page.

This will ensure that your clients conveniently get the information that they are looking for through an attractive display and can glide through without cumbersome digging. You can really turn your service into a friendly page with helpful formatting if you also create an area on your page which you use to make an introduction of the entire team. Further information is available at the demo which can easily be navigated through.

Altitude Pro

StudioPress proudly present Altitude Pro as a jewel for construction companies. They vow to work wonders for customization due to the integrated Genesis Framework in this theme.

altitude theme
For anyone with very little or even no knowledge of design work, Altitude Pro provides the platform to work with the customized backgrounds and colour options. Along with ease of use without any compromise of quality of the final product, this theme also seems to work really well in terms of mobile responsiveness.

This is because every element sits right in place on when being explored via mobile devices as well which is often a problem in many other themes. The Altitude Pro theme costs $99.95. They even provide a “Pro Plus Membership” package option which helps save in the long run.


The Renovation theme is a popular favourite. It has a plug-in for image pop up for projects through its “Revolution Slider”. You also receive video documentation along with any and all PSD files so it makes this theme practical to work with.

renovation theme

This theme is responsive and has customizable colour options. For those who may be worried about not being able to figure out how to work with themes, this one actually comes in with a packaged demo to take away that worry and guide the user along so that anyone can build with a little guidance from the developers.

Renovation also provides a translation option where translation to any language is possible. This beautiful theme is available at a price of $44. It comes with 6 months of support from the developer and this can also be extended to 12 months for $13.20. Future updates are also available.

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