The Best of Our Starting a Blog Tips

If you have thought about starting a blog, you may be unsure of where to start. Fortunately, there are many different tips and tutorial videos for you to watch and learn. Below, we will provide you with many different blog tips for you to put to use and create the best blog ever.

Blog Tip 1: Pick Your URL and Stick to It

Once you choose your URL, you need to stick with it. You should take some time to think about the URL you want to use. Make sure you are happy with your choice because even though you can change your URL, it is never a wise idea, especially since this means that you will have to basically restart your blog and attract all new readers and convince your old readers to move over to the new URL.

Blog Tip 2: Guest Bloggers and Freelance Writers Are Your Friend

download (1) Content is king and you always need to have fresh, unique content on your blog, but this can be difficult to do. It is not surprise that thinking of new topics and creating killer content is hard. To help you out with this, it is recommended that you write some of your own blogs, but that you also rely on guest bloggers and freelance writers to handle writing some of your blogs and the content creation aspect of it.

Blog Tip 3: Patience Is Not Just a Virtue

Writing and managing a successful blog will take time and patience. Nothing that is worth anything will happen overnight. If you want to be a successful blogger, you need to make sure that you spend time planning and that you remind yourself every day that you are working towards something better.

While you may need to give up one of your social activities to work on your blog, once your blog is successful, you will be able to pick up your social activities again and more. It is worth the wait and hard work.

Blog Tip 4: Don’t Forget Your Social Buttons

Starting a Blog TipsIt is important that you do not forget to add social buttons to your blog and to every post that you write. These buttons will help you in two ways. First, your readers will be able to share the content that you post on your blog. When your readers share the content, new people will learn who you are and will start to engage with you. A simple share is basically free advertising.

Secondly, you can monitor how many people share your posts and on what platforms. Once a post is shared, you can view the number of times on your website next to the social button. This will also provide you with an idea of which posts are popular and which ones are less popular with your followers.

Blog Tip 5: Use Tags to Your Advantage

No matter which blogging platform you choose to use, there will be a place for you to enter in tags and other information about the post. It is essential that you do this and tag your post, create a title for the post, and similar. This is a great way for others to locate your blog and find your posts.

In addition, if someone is searching for something specific, if you have used the same or similar tag, your blog post will pop up and this will help you gain followers.

Blog Tip 6: Interact with Your Readers

Readers expect the blog owner to interact with them and respond to their questions and comments. If you have a blog, but you never answer anything that your readers ask, then your readers will move on to a new blog. You should set aside time each day to respond to the questions and comments from the day previous and up to the time you are online. This will ensure that no questions are missed.

If you happen to stumble upon a question you do not know the answer to, respond to your reader and let them know that you will find out the answer and then get back to them with an answer.

Blog Tip 7: Don’t Advertise Your Blog Until You Are Ready

Ever head to someone’s blog only to be disappointed by the content that is there? Yeah, you do not want this to be you. Make sure that you are directing people to your blog only AFTER you have enough content on there. It is generally recommended that you have 10 or more blog posts and content to keep your readers satisfied.

Blog Tip 8: Keep Your Blog Name and Image Consistent

Whether you use one platform or multiple platforms to advertise and talk about your blog, you need to make sure that your brand and image is consistent. This is the only way that people will recognize you and be able to relate to you.

For example, if your readers visit you on your website and you use the color blue and yellow, then you need to use this on Facebook, Pinterest, etc., otherwise, your readers will not know that it is you when they come across your profile on another site.

Blog Tip 9: Don’t Let 404 Pages Be an Issue

Firefox_screenshot-404_error_in_WikipediaIt is no secret that sometimes a post is taken down or a page no longer exists. When this happens, a 404 error will appear on your readers’ side. It is important that you do not let 404 errors runs your blog and you should always have working links and pages.

In case there is a 404 error at some point, you need to customize what the page will say. It is best to alert the reader that there is no content available there anymore and offer redirects to different relevant pages and content.

If you are ready to start your own blog, utilize the tips above to make your blog the best out there. Remember, it does take time and patience to start a blog and gain a following, so do not expect it to happen overnight.

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