Best Church Websites and How to Setup One

If you have a church website, you probably want to know what to put on your website and how to make it stand out. We have all seen poorly designed websites and when a website is done incorrectly, it can actually send your readers heading for the hills.

Before you panic, it is important to understand what a good church website looks like and how you can set one up for yourself. Luckily you found yourself here because we will tell you what you need to know.

Examples of Awesome Church Websites

Let’s go ahead and look at some examples of church websites. These websites have been compiled to show you some different elements that your church website should have.

Gateway Church

Gateway Church is a great example of a church website because when you land on the front page, you see a picture that welcomes you in with a loving family. Underneath this intro picture you can quickly view the last sermon and read the latest article on their blog. As you navigate throughout the website, you will see that there are pictures inside of the church, call to actions, and easy to read fonts.

Northstar Church

Northstar Church is a great example of a church website because it has an interactive header picture on the front of the website with real people from the church. The website is easy to navigate, it invites you to watch sermons, and it has easy to read lettering and paragraphs.

Newspring Church

Newspring Church is another great example of a church website because once you arrive on the site, you see an interactive header with real people from the church. You can watch past sermons and even find a location. The website scrolls nicely and the colors pop right off the screen.

How to Setup a Church Website

Now it is time to learn how to setup a church website. Before you can simply jump in and do it, you need to sit down and think for a few moments.

First and foremost, you need to have a purpose.

What defines your church? What message do you want to get across? A purpose is always a great way to introduce people to your church website and it lets them know what your goals are immediately.

Your layout matters.

You always want to choose a layout that is easy for readers to use and one that is not packed full of content. As you can see in the examples above, the websites scroll without pause, contain enough but not too much information, and the layout is seamless.

Include photos of your church and congregation along with call to actions.

Best Church Websites and How to Setup OneALWAYS include photos of your church, your congregation, and even videos of your sermons. This will intrigue your readers and it will put a personal spin on your website. Oh, and do not forget to include call to actions.

If you plan to create a church website, take a look at the examples above and include the three listed elements on your site.

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