What is a CDN (Content Delivery Network) and How Does It Help Your Website?

If you have never heard of a CDN or content delivery network, you may be wondering what exactly it is or how it can help your website, if it even does. It is important to build a website that will not only just attract readers to it, but one that will convert your readers into customers and keep them loyal to you.

Let’s go ahead and delve right into what a CDN is and how or if it will help your new website succeed.

What Exactly is a CDN?

What is a CDN (Content Delivery Network) and How Does It Help Your Website?A content delivery network is a network or system of servers that will deliver webpages and other types of web content to users based on their geographical locations.

Site owners and businesses often use this service to help speed up the delivery of the content on their website to ensure that there is a global reach. When a CDN server is close to a user in the geographical area, the content is delivered quickly and does not take as long to reach that end user.

Does a CDN Help Your Website?

Yes. A CDN is a great option for those websites that have expanded beyond a small reach. Therefore, if you have a blog or an e-commerce site that is now stretching outside of your neighborhood, state, or country, a CDN will help you and can improve your website.

You may be wondering just what benefits it offers you and how it can help your website and we will take a look at that now.

Increases Your Website’s Speed

A CDN will increase the speed at which your website loads. Therefore, if you are located in the US and you have a customer on the other side of the world, your website will still load quickly for them as well.

The reason behind the quick speed time is that CDN servers allow your users and readers to use a server that is closest to them to open the site as opposed to using the same server you use.

Prevents Traffic Spikes

If you release a piece of information about your business, you may have traffic increase to your site and this can slow down your site and even crash it if too many people flock to it at the same time. A CDN will prevent this from happening as all users are not using the same server to access the site.

Your Site is Accessible When Website is Down

What is a CDN (Content Delivery Network) and How Does It Help Your Website?A CDN will allow your users to continue to use your website even when it is down. This is because the CDN caches your pages and your customers are able to navigate them when the site is offline. This helps to prevent against lost sales and customers or readers.

As you can see, a CDN is able to help your website and should be used when you start to expand your site and reach new readers and users all over the world.

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