Website Development Costs Estimation Guide

As we start to see more businesses take off due to internet marketing, we realize that website development can be vital to a business success- small or large. However, it is nearly impossible to estimate the exact amount of website start-up costs since the prices vary based on varying components such as hosting, domain purchases, theme incorporations, plugin inclusions, and more.

6 Basic Cost of Website Development

While the cost may vary, especially depending on your need for outsourcing content and other resources, there are some basic costs of Website Development you are sure to incur no matter what your platform use.

Domain Registration:

Depending on the domains nature: premium or normal, the cost of domain names may vary. Initially they come with monthly and yearly billing, with monthly billing being more expensive; it could range anywhere from $10 to $100.

.com domain price and other fees comparison

.com domain price and other fees comparison from

Web Hosting Services:

After you have purchased your domain and taken it off the market, you will need to acquire a website hosting service to register with. Providing your domain with online housing, in house support and tools to create the necessary pages (about me, contact, potential blog landing page, Etc.), development of all associated emails accounts, and helping you store your website files. Good Hosting can be purchase as little as $9/month with providers such as SiteGround Web hosting.

Website Design:

This could run you a pretty penny in comparison to purchasing the Domain and Hosting; you might have to outsource for Website Design to ensure that your website turn out as intended and conveys your Brands Message [or is in line with your businesses purpose]. The price will also vary depending on the number of pages you wish to incorporate if you would add a website banner, outsource consistent content for a blog.

If your website is content focused, setting up WordPress and getting a premium theme would be the best start that provides the best value.


Be sure to seek out several consultations before signing on the first developer who drops in your lap!The potential time of the web developer is what your buying, but understand that the more intricate the design is, the more time spent designing your website.

webdesign cost sample

This web design costed around $470 USD . From contests at 99designs.

Web Development

web design development
Web Development [generally referring to the responsibilities that arise with the development of your groundwork and hosting via Intranet or internet] can include, but not limited to, web design, content creation, and client-side/server-side scripting and web security configuration- and, again, these are the basics!


Website Development Costs Estimation Guide
Tending to the finalization of the website development process by testing the website for complete functionality; Search Engine Optimization; that your site forms and contact pages work as intended; there are no compatibility issues with your platform. They will also ensure that your website is prepared to be viewed in the latest browser updates.

Support and Maintenance

hosting troubleshoing
Again, this is where your web developer will save your life and help you avoid ruinous mistakes when handling your website, as they are prepared to step in and handle website maintenance. They might help with regular back up of your sites content, managing online memberships [if applicable], site upgrades, help with security issues, and new plug in incorporations. Whatever your websites needs, a good website developer will be willing to work with you to achieve your ideal website, leaving an open line of communication and the opportunity for you to leave feedback, as you may have your own ideas about your websites development.

Can’t Put Definite Price on Web Development

While there is no definite set number to which we can label your websites development cost. These are the fundamental needs of any website development, in which you need to account for when starting your website.

Try doing a quick Google Search to compare providers for each need or a one stop shop to complete it all for a budget friendly price!

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