Best Twitter Widgets for WordPress

Twitter is one of the biggest social platforms around. It boasts several million users each day. Just imagine if you could tap into only a fraction of this for your website.
Today, SEO and backlinks are not the only means of generating traffic to your website. In fact, they have been overtaken. Social media is a great traffic source too. This means that a website without a social media presence is greatly missing out on big opportunities.

But to have this integration, there is a need for a medium that links the website and the social media platform. This is where plugins come in handy. Now, if you are using WordPress, there are hundreds of plugins to choose from. The list is just endless.

This article explores 7 of the best Twitter widgets for WordPress that are available on the internet.

1. Recent Tweets Widget

Recent Tweets Widget is one of the most downloaded Twitter widget plugins for WordPress. It is great because you can simply place it in a sidebar, footer, or any other widget area on your site. It uses the latest Twitter API to pull tweets from your Twitter account has a caching option.

The biggest advantage of its caching capability is that even if the Twitter API is down, the most recent tweets will always be displayed on your website. You can also set how frequently the cache is refreshed.

2. Simple Twitter Tweets

Simple Twitter Tweets is another well-loved Twitter widget plugin. Like the recent tweets widget, it makes use of the latest Twitter API to pull tweets from Twitter and caches tweets. It however packs a ton of features that its counterpart lack. One of the most powerful feature is that your users can retweet or even sent replies to tweets from the page they are on. You can also change the widget’s icons and colors. Last but not least, you can display tweets by timeframe (2hours ago, a day ago) instead of the exact time.

3. WP Twitter Feeds

Apart from the common features expected in a Twitter widget plugin (use or API and caching capability), WP Twitter Feeds gives you more options that include the ability of changing the widget’s border length and color. You also get lots of themes to choose from to make the widget blend in well with your website.
Apart from this, you can turn avatar on or off and even choose to display your tweets in form of a slider for increased interactivity.

4. Minimalist Twitter WidgetCapture

Like the name suggests, minimalist Twitter widget is a very lightweight Twitter widget plugin for your WordPress installation. It is a beautiful plugin that gives you the option of selecting whether to show tweets, replies and retweets.

You can however, disable showing replies and retweets and only show your tweets. You can also choose to show tweets for a username or hashtag. This is a great option in case there are tweets from a username that you do not want to show.

5. Official Twitter Widget

Being the official Twitter plugin from Twitter developers, you get the raw power of official features. You can, therefore add a tweet and follow buttons, Twitter cards, ads and conversion tracking, and even Twitter analytics.

Apart from these features, you can customize the look of the widget to get a more personalized look that blends in well with your website’s theme. You can change the background and select different color themes to use.

6. Rotating Tweets

This is one of the most reliable, customizable, and responsive Twitter widget plugins. It is lightweight and has an awesome multi-lingual feature. Thanks to jQuery, rotating tweets widget gives very smooth results.

The best feature is that links are converted back to the original ones. This means that your blog gets viable backlinks from Twitter. You can additionally add a customizable Twitter follow button.

7. Timeline Twitter Feeds

Best Twitter Widgets for WordPressIf you looking for a simple Twitter widget, then Timeline Twitter Feed plugin is the best match for you. It features a flat design based on HTML. A great feature is that you can display feeds from multiple hashtags.
You can also use CSS to further style the widget and even change the overall feel and design for the widget. You can add it to several widget areas like the sidebar, header, and footer depending on available widget areas provided by your theme.

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