Best Website Traffic Estimator Tools

One of the most important aspects of any website is traffic. It is what makes of breaks a website’s success. Unfortunately, knowing the traffic data of a website is not very straightforward. You would need special tools to get this data.

Fortunately, there are numerous tools on the internet that make it possible to estimate a website’s traffic. But not all are good in what they do. This article will explore some of the best website traffic estimator tools available.

It is important to know how much traffic a website gets because this can help you validate the content of the website and what you need to do about yours to get similar traffic.


Best Website Traffic Estimator Tools Alexa is the leading traffic estimator tool in the market. It is a product of Amazon and gives a real value rank for millions of websites on the internet. It is very effective for comparing traffic for different websites (up to 5 websites at a time) and monitoring their traffic trends. It is therefore, a very useful tool when you want to compare competing sites. Alexa has a very large database which makes it really shine when comparing websites in the same industry and number of visitors by country. We would however, advise against depending on Alexa alone to estimate website traffic because its reliability is shaky. Using other tools alongside Alexa will give you more accurate findings.


Semrush is another web traffic estimator that also lets you do keyword research, check for backlinks, check for competitors, track keywords, and also do an SEO audit of a website. One of the biggest strengths of Semrush is that unlike most tools that have useful information for large sites with more than 10,000 visits a month, Semrush has accurate data for websites of all sizes. Its database also contains a list of key phrases and their rankings. Semrush has also been termed the swiss army knife when it comes to researching online competitors. It makes it possible to have a behind the scenes looks at your top performing competitors. You can then use thes insights to build online marketing campaigns that are bound to succeed.


Best Website Traffic Estimator ToolsSimilarweb is another powerful tool for traffic insights. You can view information about just about any website on the internet. It is therefore, great for doing marketing research and competitive analysis. You can instantly find out how popular a website is and its main sources of traffic. Other metrics that are available with similarweb are engagement statistics, traffic sources and monthly visits, site ranking by country, industry, or worldwide, top referring sites and keywords, and more. A website addon is also available for install, which brings all the power of similarweb to your browser. With a single click, it is possible to get traffic and engagement statistics for any website you are browsing.


Compete is another website traffic estimator that you need to make use of. It publishes the approximate number of visitors to a website from all over the world. These numbers are calculated from several sources including opt in panels, internet service suppliers, application suppliers, and Complete’s toolbar. This tool enables you to take advantage of click sharing through free services that create a transparent, reliable, and valuable internet experience. Some metrics available with Complete are unique visitors, site rank, traffic sources, and website comparison.  But like Alexa, Complete works best for huge sites. Its database does not provide useful information for small websites with low traffic from US.

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