Best WordPress Calendar Plugins

WordPress is still by far the most preferred Content Management System on the internet thanks to its flexibility, customizability, and community. You can customize your website to get whatever functionality you want. As such, there are thousands of calendar plugins for you to choose from, from simple calendars to more complex ones with a handful of useful features that will transform your website from a simple blog to a powerful ticketing system.

We know it can get hectic trying to sift through all the plugins to find one that fits your needs. That is why we did the hard work for you, and now we present you with 5 of the best calendar plugins for WordPress.

1. The Events Calendar

Best WordPress Calendar PluginsThe Events Calendar is one of the best and most powerful calendar plugins available for WordPress. It is easy to use but with numerous features that will make organizing your events a breeze. It is also made to work out of the box so you can begin creating and managing events as soon as you install it.
If you want to sell tickets for your event, there are add-ons that enable integration with EventBrite, WooCommerce, and Easy Digital Downloads. You can also display Google maps for locations of your events.
events calendar wordpress plugin

2. All-In-One Events Calendar

All-In-One events calendar is another powerful calendar that has the same features as several premium calendar plugins, something that makes it really stand out from the crowd. It features an intuitive interface and better optimization than most plugins. One of the best features of this plugin is that you can assign different colors to different event categories, and can also set featured images for the categories. Filtering capabilities make it possible for viewers to view only events that they are interested in.
all in one event calendar wordpress plugin

3. Calendar Event WD

Calendar Event WD is an enhanced tool for displaying and managing events. The Event Calendar plugin helps you to organize the events using elegant views. The display can be setup to show views monthly, weekly, and daily . Other key features include Structured event markup (microdata), Event categories, Support for venues, Google Maps integration and more
Event Calendar WD wordpress plugin

4. Google Calendar Events

The Google events calendar brings the power of Google calendar to your website. You would create and manage your events on Google calendar, and this plugin will display your events on your website. What is more is that it can analyze more than one Google calendar and pull events from them.  This feature is especially useful for websites that have more than one event planners. They can all create their events from their Google calendars, and this plugin will display all events on the same website.

5. WordPress Events Manager

WordPress events manager is one of the most powerful calendar plugins you can find. It has almost all features and functionality of Event Espresso but a more pocket-friendly price. Some great features you would get from this plugin include event registration, multiple ticketing options, and calendar event scheduling.  While it does not have a lot of customization options, WordPress events manager is more than capable of handling all you throw at it.

6. My Calendar

Last on this list is My Calendar. It is a free and powerful calendar plugin that makes the work of managing your events very easy. You can create multiple calendars, categories, event groups, and locations for all your events from one central location. The plugin is extensively customizable and also comes with six inbuilt skins that you can choose from.  Another great feature about this plugin is that it features a shortcode generator and widgets. This makes it possible for you to place your calendar virtually anywhere on your pages.

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