How to Generate Awesome Domain Names Ideas

Creating your own website, blog, or service portal is often the best way to market your brand and encourage business; however there is a lot that goes into the creative process. One of the toughest decisions most run into when developing their own blog or website is creating the perfect domain name.

What is a Domain Name?

How to Generate Awesome Domain Names IdeasWhat’s a Website domain? Simply put, it is a part of the URL [Uniform Resource Locator] link by which your website can be found online. Usually when there are several pages or post to a website, for example contact pages and about me resources, they are labeled accordingly following the domains name within the URL Link; such as Your Websites Domain is where your content lives! Domain Names are connected to individual IP addresses; however specialized Domains are easier to attain and remember than a given set of numbers.

Domain & Website Names

The Domain Name is not to be confused with the Websites Name. The difference between a domain name and your general website name is that one identifies your website and the other is used to locate it within the web browser.

Your website can be titled Website by Design; however, your browser name cannot contain spaces and it is often discouraged that you use special symbols within the domain name. In such cases you could use an anagram or abbreviation of your companies’ name; such as or Either way, your site can easily be associated with your intended service.

Four Characteristics of the Perfect Domain Name

Point being, your domain name is the lasting impression on your potential visitors and there are many ways to construct your Website or Blogs Domain name. Here are Four Characteristics of the perfect domain name for your Website, Blog, or Service portal!

Niche, Product, or Service Centric

Your Domain should imply your business’ overall niche or service; while you don’t have to use specific keywords, you can tailor your domain name to detail what the nature of your business entails. Example? Ok, say you own a Lawn mowing service. You wouldn’t simply say LawnMowers.Com, would you? No, it sounds so generic and has a one service platform appeal, as if you could only have your lawn cut. Instead, have some fun with words; try EverGreenCuts.Comor LandscapingHeights.Com, both of which sound so good to me that I am sure these websites probably already exist.

Short and Simple

Your Domain Name shouldn’t be long winded or incorporate any special symbols of any kind. People tend to misplace those symbols and visit unwarranted sites and not even attempt to go forward in search of the intended site afterwards. You also want to be sure that it is no more than three words, which is easier said than done when you want to develop a domain based on a set of keywords.

Ever-Green and Long Lasting

You don’t want to be stuck with a domain that can’t grow with your website. Go with our previous example of the lawn service; the domains suggested imply that your business could offer multiple landscaping services. They infer that you could supply lawn care, possibly tree removal, maybe even gardening maintenance. The point is that there is room for assumption which leaves more room for consumer curiosity. If you don’t want to risk it: Try using your Name. This works great if you are a solopreneur, in business for yourself, and a team of one. This is also a great move if you haven’t yet settled on your websites purpose and are sure your name won’t change in the future, which we doubt.

Brand Alignment

Again, this goes in line with number three. Your brand should be present within the Domain; it will imply your intended message and the personality of your business. For example: EvergreenLandscapingsuggests that they are always and consistently maintaining their clients’ yards, they could even incorporate this domain name into their motto somehow.

Endings and Beginnings…

How to Generate Awesome Domain Names IdeasFiguring out your Domain Name is just part of the equation; the ending can also be a hard choice to make in comparison because a lot of SEO Gurus will tell you about how search engines tend to favor .com sites; initially giving them a head start in the rankings. However, we believe that your ending should be relative to your business.

For example: School systems and College boards use .EDU as their ending whereas Networks and larger corporations use a .NET ending. Websites used for Government employees and service portals apply .GOVwhile most non-profit use .ORG.

Conclusion: the only logical reason for choosing .com otherwise is simply because it is most commonly used and easiest to remember!

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