How to Blog For a Living

Interrogate any expert blogger and they’ll tell you, ‘everything is not what is seems’. Blogging for a living entails more than posting a killer article, hoping that people will find it awesome. Far from it! Making a living blogging takes months, and for what some bloggers have experienced, it can take years before earning a penny.

Is it really possible to earn a living from blogging? See some real bloggers and their income:
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Principally, there are two approaches to blogging professionally. Some bloggers opt to blog as a freelancer or employed with an honorable company, while others seek solace in proprietorship – generating their own business from scratch.

In lieu of starting your own blogging venture from scratch, many professional bloggers have found that employment as a blogger with an established organization is easier. In fact, bloggers who are taken in by companies have been able to earn a livable wage.

Putting your own concepts into action can be a pain in the posterior, but blogging for a living, through your own business, is quite feasible. It takes immense effort and vigorous labor if you want to roll with the big guys, but that’s usually how it is with mapping your own career path. Understandably, many bloggers have made millions blogging, while some are yet to earn a dime. How successful you are is reliant on mentorship, cognizance, exceptional work habits and the right methods.

Setting up your blog for success

How to Blog For a Living
If you’re an exceptional writer, commendations to you; however, that alone will not suffice to make a living blogging. You could compose the most thought provocative and soul-stirring blog posts, but if people aren’t able to find it, that content is pretty much rendered futile. Blogs thrive on traffic. Without traffic streaming to your blog, all your writing efforts are ineffectual.

Making a living blogging and traffic goes hand-in-hand. The more visitors and readers you route to your website, the stronger the probability you’ll make a sale. However, to retain your readers, creating quality and relevant content is a requisite. The odds are, people won’t stay around for garbage. Authoritative and beautifully written content should provide you with an edge to make money blogging.

Here are some hacks to make your blog popular:
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Yes, it is possible to make a living blogging, but do you simply write and have money thrown into your account? No, that’s actually not how it works. Along with posting regularly to your blog, you need to incorporate revenue streams. What are they? Continue…

Create various revenue streams

Do not throw your eggs in one basket; create multiple revenue streams when blogging for a living. Why is that crucial? Believe it or not, some blogging ventures do fail. In fact, some bloggers will tell you that it took several trials and experiments just to make a living.

Sure, you’ll stumble on articles dissuading you from trying that or this revenue stream, but the cold harsh reality is, what works best for this blogger, might not necessarily yield results for you. Creating multiple revenue streams is a sure and safe way to venture into blogging full-time. Not sure about your options? Here are a few popular revenue streams to consider.

1. Advertising

Novice bloggers and experts will relate that exhibiting ads was a primary way to start off into full-time blogging. Advertising is not necessarily a major money source, but if you’re attracting thousands of readers daily, you should give it a go. Newspaper websites have tapped into this method, why shouldn’t you? Ad revenue is just an option, it’s not the only one.

2. Affiliate marketing

How to Blog For a LivingThis is another mogul on the market. Not familiar with that term? Affiliate marketing simply allows you to earn a commission by recommending or endorsing other people’s products. Amazon, a major player in the affiliate business, allows publishers and bloggers to earn money through promotion. As mentioned before, most, if not all these revenue methods work through traffic, so ensure to dedicate time to marketing your blog.

3. Create a product and sell it

If you’ve found adequate time to endorse other people’s products and services, why not create one of your own? Everything on the Internet was created; things just didn’t happen by chance. If you want to help people, create a product that solves a problem. Products do vary in purpose and intent. A typical product could turn out to be an eBook providing tips and guidance on marital affairs. What concept comes to mind, make it happen and promote it like crazy!

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4. Sell a course

Millions of users peruse the Internet daily, hoping to find the ultimate course to teach them about ‘how to make this…’ or ‘how to make that’. Wouldn’t it be beneficial to create a course that helps people to learn how to do things? How did you learn about blogging? Were you self-taught or did you take an online course? Udemy is a legitimate website that provides all the resources and allocations to create any course you deem fit.

5. Sell your blogging skills

As underscored from the outset, full-time blogging affords you the opportunity to offer your services to anyone who’s willing to pay. With so many freelance talent marketplaces, selling your blogging skills could become the highlight of your business. Ghost writing is pretty common, so don’t feel shameful or awkward selling your articles or blog posts for a quick buck. That’s a sure-fire way to make a living blogging.

Don’t allow people to discourage you. Before earning your first check, you might have to dedicate months, if not years into blogging. However, if you’re passionate about it and is willing to demonstrate exemplary patience, you can make a living blogging full-time. All the best!

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