How to write a blog introduction

There are a number of finer details that the bloggers often miss, costing them setback in a highly competitive blogging environment. One of these is to write an attractive and appealing blog intro that hooks the readers and compels them to subscribe.
how to write a blog introduction

Start with a catchy line

Famous quotes from celebrities and famous historical figures are one of the best things to start a blog post. Start with some famous line it can be from a popular song, a high rated movie or a super star. The art is to relate the tag line with the rest of the writing in such a way that the reader doesn’t feel like there is a discontinuity in the writing.


If you are writing on a healthcare issue, you can start it as:
You know what were the last words of Alexander the Great? He said “Can someone take all my land and give a few more moments to live?”

Include a story in the start

People are inherently interested in stories. Stories compel the reader to read the content. If you use the social media for promotion of your blog, this can be an awesome strategy. Just give some of the starting lines of the story on the social media page and ask the reader to click on your blog link to know the rest of the story. Stories can be from some burning recent issue and people are particularly interested in recent issue stories.


In context of the recent attack on Gay Club in Florida, You can write
Do you know what happened when the shooter Umer Mateen started shooting on the Orlando club, click on the link below to find out.

Use Interesting and fun facts

Facts are always interesting and they also make your blog more trustworthy and a reliable source of information in the eyes of the readers. Try to start the post with some facts and fun facts are even better. Facts intrigue people and make them read through the whole post. You can get the fun facts from YouTube videos and a number of other online sources.


Starting with fun facts, a blog can go like:
“20% of people in the world own 80% of all the wealth. Do you want to be among those 80%? Read through this text to find out”

Start with a question

People take challenges seriously. You can challenge the reader with some question. Questions also exploit the reader’s curiosity and make them read through the text keenly. Questions can be of any type but just try not to offend the reader by being racist or targeting some particular soft spot of the potential reader.


Starting with a question, a blog can go like,
“What have you done to safeguard the health of your heart?” or “Have you ever thought what a cigarette does to the human body at cellular level?” or “Which smartphone is documented fastest?”

Go for the reader’s curiosity

Curiosity is your best friend. Exploit the reader’s curiosity and you are done.


You are going to get the greatest surprise of your entire life at the end of this essay

Start with a common error

There are a number of misconceptions and errors in the common people. Use one of them to make a catchy and attractive intro of a blog. This will give you an added benefit as correcting the common errors gives you a place in the eyes of the readers.


You have been wrong all your life to consider Mexico a state of USA. Or “This is not correct to say that we only use 10% of our minds at maximum”

Start with a controversial Issue

Controversial issues are the best to interest people. There are a number of controversial issues in daily life you can use one of them to create an interesting intro and then carry on with it.


What do you think about the 9/11 was it a black strategy of the CIA or a real terrorist attack? Here is a complete account of the sequence of events leading to the 9/11

Start with an offer

Offers can be a good trick to hook your readers up. Readers can be asked to read the whole text and then answer some questions at the end to get some offer. You do not need to offer a million dollars at the end, ad free version of the blog for a fortnight or discount coupons of some local restaurant can be enough. The restaurants offer discount coupons to the bloggers easily for their own advertisement.


“Hi our blogging family, read through this post and answer the questions at the end and you can get the chance to have 10% discount at XYZ (or write as you can enjoy ad-free site for next 14 days)”

Start with an actual scenario

Interesting happenings and scenarios can also be used to evoke the interest of the reader. Create a mesmerizing scenario to hook the reader up with it and then continue on to saying what you originally intend to say. This can be amazing if your target audience is of the young age. Youngsters are more interested in the scenarios than any other age.


“Last day, while returning from work, I observed a quite rash driver overtaking the vehicles on the highway by margin of less than some millimeters and the very next moment boom the car went smashing under a truck but what happened next was even more exciting…”


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