How to Get Website on Google

Whenever you make a website for your business or organization, you most certainly want the most people to find it. Every day, millions of people go online to search for information on websites. Needless to say, the importance of structuring your website in a manner that gives it maximum visibility to your visitors cannot be over-emphasized. So, how do you go about ensuring that this happens as quickly as possible?
get listed in google

Create a good website

This is one of the essential steps in ensuring maximum visibility for your website. Ensure that your website is of high quality and that it contains compelling and genuinely useful information. Having the relevant information can be achieved in different ways such as including the key phrases which most people are searching for or names of sites that are likely to link with yours. A good site not only has the potential to engage the people visiting and encouraging them to keep coming back but also likely to make them friends of the organization.

Submit your Site to Google

While there is every possibility of your site being discovered by Google without you having done anything, there are certain advantages of submitting your Site to the search engine. Search engines crawl through the web and create an index containing all the pages they find as well as the words contained in them. You need to ensure your website is on the Google index, first by having quality content on your site and secondly by submitting your site to Google by submitting a sitemap. You can achieve this by using Google Add URL or Google Webmaster Tools the latter of which is a free service. Submit your sitemap in google webmaster tools. Your Sitemap shows the content hierarchy to google.

Encourage other sites to link to you

It is not easy to be included on Google’s search results which prompt the use of another optimization strategy which is encouraging other indexed sites to link to yours. Authority links from relevant websites will help Google identify your site as an indispensable resource on the topic. You are probably wondering, ‘How do I get other sites to link to me?’ It is simple. First, ensure that you are included in the directories of relevant companies or businesses and also try to make partner organizations link to you. You can also do a search for phrases by which you would want to be found and come up with content related to these phrases. This could be in the form of toolkits, reports or articles which other sites may be inspired to link to.

Place keywords in strategic locations

How to Get Website on Google
This is a time-consuming exercise but which has immense positive results. In normal circumstances, when a person makes an online search, what the search engine does is that it looks for pages containing prominent mentions of the subject or phrase and displays them for the online visitor. It is for this reason that you need to incorporate keywords in key locations. These include:

-Page titles: Each page consists of a page metadata field which is one of the most important places to include a key word.
– Headlines: These normally comprise text that is bigger, bolder and/or higher on the page. This prominent formatting affects search engine placement in comparison to other text making it an ideal location to add your keywords.
– Page text: Placing your keywords repetitively but in naturally flowing order in your page text goes a long way to boosting your site indexing.
– Link text: You can encourage others to link to you by optimizing the links within your very own site as well as other external links.
– Other locations include Page URL and Page description metadata.

Keep your site constantly updated

Keep your site fresh by adding new reports, stories and news releases. Search engines love this! Give Google the feel that your site is constantly updated and see how it will tremendously increase your visibility. Sites that are seldom updated or those characterized by infrequent additions might take Google months to find them. Blogs are another great way to add new pages to your website. They not only encourage links from other sites but also provide endless opportunities in marketing as well as outreach!

Some 10 years ago, creating a website and getting it out there was fairly simple. One was only required to choose a domain, be familiar with basic HTML code, a little keyword research followed by content of about 250 words and they were good to go. Today however, with the ever increasing number of internet users and Google’s quest for quality creating a good website demands much more effort. The above tips will get your site on the top of Google’s search results and you will never have to worry about being invisible again.

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