Top Website Hosting Services in Ireland

When you choose a hosting service, the first and foremost concern would be the website uptime, reliability, and support quality.

One of the top internationally recognized and popular web hosting services is SiteGround. Siteground excels in all these factors in recent surveys.

However, focusing on Irish webhosting services only, the following are some of the top webhosting services catering to Ireland.

Irishdomains provides a Starter 5 package. The space provided is 15GB. There an allotment of 30GB Bandwidth GB/mo. The aggregate annual cost accounts to about 93 Euros. There is availability of 50 email accounts along with the provision of MySQL databases which are unlimited.
webhosting in ireland - irishdomains

Webworld is a website hosting service that provides a Cloud Plan 1 package. They provide 10 GB of space with a bandwidth allotment of 100 GB/mo with 99.9% uptime guarantee. They provide 10 emails along with 2 databases. However, their cost is also much lesser in comparison to the other services providers since they charge an annual amount of 29.95 Euros. Basically, they are quite popular with clients who do not require unlimited databases or a very high number of email accounts as this web hosting service actually helps cut down on the annual cost and provides a more affordable option.
webhosting ireland webworld

Hosting Ireland

At, they provide a Cloud Lite package with 10 GB space. They provide 100 GB/mo in bandwidth. In addition to this, they provide 50 email accounts. There are 2 MySQL databases. There are daily multiple server backups. There is no uptime. The yearly cost is 39.95 Euros.
webhosting ireland hostingireland

Alwaysamber is an Irish website hosting service which provides a Unix Server package. It provides 10GB space. The bandwidth provided is 100 GB/mo. The aggregate annual cost is 89 Euros. There is unlimited provision of MySQL databases. 50 email accounts are also available.

Spiralhosting is a service with daily available backup options. The number of provided email accounts is unlimited. MySQL and PostgreSQL databases are both available and unlimited. They provide a Plan 1 package with 10 GB space. The bandwidth allotment is 100 GB/mo. There is 99.9% of uptime. The aggregate annual cost is 49 Euros.
web hosting ireland - spiralhosting

Vmotion is another Irish website hosting service. They provide 999 GB space on a 999 GB/mo bandwidth without uptime guarantee. They provide a Professional Business package. Naturally, they also have unlimited space, more or less an unlimited bandwidth and the number of email accounts they provide are also unlimited. Their yearly package is quite reasonable given the services and it amounts to an annual cost of 56.90 Euros. They do advise any prospective clients to have a look at the AUP and Terms and Conditions.
webhosting ireland vmotion

Eirhost is a website hosting service that provides Economy Webhosting. They provide 10 GB in space and the bandwidth allocation is 10 GB/mo with no uptime. They also provide daily server backup along with the provision of 600 email accounts. Their aggregate annual cost accounts to 33 Euros.

Myhost service provides a Personal Mini package with 5 GB space and along with 10 GB/mo bandwidth allocation. There is no uptime and there are only nightly backups available. There are a 100 available email accounts along with 5 available databases. The aggregate annual cost is 49.95 Euros.
webhosting ireland myhost

Iccmhosting provides a Budget package with the availability of 7 GB space and 50 GB/mo bandwidth allocation. There is no uptime. They do provide 10 email accounts and also 10 MySQL databases with the annual aggregate cost amounting to 41.99 Euros.

Wupavhosting is a website hosting service that provides Bronze package with only 1 GB of space and 20 GB/mo in bandwidth allocation. There is also 99.9% uptime. Despite the relatively lower cost they have unlimited MySQL databases. This service was previously Their annual cost is 20 Euros.

Vade provides a Primus package which comprises of 100 GB/mo bandwidth allocation along with 10 GB space and no uptime. They provide nightly backups. Extra specifications also become available if more than a year’s payment is made. The annual cost is 30 Euros.

Nua provides a Business package. They provide 15 GB space and the bandwidth allocation is also 15 GM/mo. There is no uptime in this package. However the email accounts available are 1000. There are 5 MySQL databases. The aggregate annual cost is 125 Euros.

Irishhosting provides an Ecommerce package. In this package they offer 1 GB of space with 5.5 GB/mo bandwidth allocation. There is no uptime on this package. They do provide backups on a 24 hour basis. They also have 5 MySQL databases along with the provision of 200 email accounts. The annual cost is that of 199 Euros.

Stormweb is website hosting service that provides its clients with a Site Starter package with 1 GB space and 10 GB/mo bandwidth allotment. They provide 20 email accounts, 6 MySQL databases with nightly backups on an annual cost of 69.95 Euros.

Eurohost is a service that provides the Linux Hosting package with a GB of space and 10 GB/mo bandwidth allocation with no uptime. The service provides 50 email accounts. The aggregate annual cost for this package amounts to 120 Euros.

Darklite is a webhosting service in Ireland with Business package of 1 GB with 20 GB/mo bandwidth allocation. They provide 500 email accounts with 10 MySQL databases and a dedicated IP, all for the annual cost of 49.94 Euros with no uptime.

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