build a website using notepad

How to build a website using notepad

In this tutorial, we will build a complete website using notepad. Step 1. Get a Better notepad First of, you need a good text editor to write code. plain notepad is not enough. For this tutorial, I will be using notepad ++. Alternatively, you can use atom text editor or Sublime Text. Both are very […]

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blog name ideas

How to create a website in less than 20 minutes

We will build a stunning, awesome website using WordPress in this tutorial in just 20 minutes. Just follow the steps below. A note however, though. We are building a serious, professional website that will eventually get google ranking and attract lots of traffic. If you are expecting to build a free, cheap or amateur website […]

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create a website from scratch

How to create an awesome website from scratch

This tutorial will show you how to build a website from scratch, using HTML & CSS, basic level coding. Note: Building website from scratch requires lots of effort. If you want to build a complete website without coding, see this tutorial: How to build a website in 20 minutes using WordPress Follow this tutorial if […]

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