How to start a makeup blog

Adroit in the art of wielding a makeup brush and proper application of cosmetics, you yearn desperately to exhibit your skills and passion for those with an appreciation of the art. How can you go about doing so? Many individuals have baffled with that question for years, but some have finally been able to make that breakthrough. To show your cosmetic prowess, why not start a makeup blog? Sounds easier said than done, right? Below are a few of the suggestions any novice getting their blog off to a jumpstart.

Getting Down to Basics

Blogging can be a refreshing and legitimate window through which anyone can successfully market their cosmetic business. To attain that success, developing the backbone of your blog is fundamental. Decisions are important and a lot is involved in getting your blog started.

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Deciding what to blog about

How to Start a Makeup Blog
It’s quite obvious, the overall theme of your blog engulfs makeup or cosmetics. However, there are various avenues to cosmetics and beautician,soa distinction needs to be made.Are you passionate about makeup in particular? Underscoring that passion determines how successful your blog will mature to be, as dedication is crucial. Whatever aspect of cosmetics you choose to blog about, that’s totally your call. Ensure your content is remarkable and don’t just write, put your soul into it.
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Deciding on your domain name

This decision will literally cost you. Your domain name will be used to identify your blog. Once people encounter your domain name, they should be easily able to relate or at least make the connection; it should indicate what your blog is about. When selecting a domain name, consider these factors:

  1. Easy on the eyes: People should be able to at least spell your domain name easily.
  2. Memorable: Will someone be able to recall your domain name if they encounter it only once? Your domain name should be catchy.
  3. The subject of your website: Once intimated on Google’s results page,people should identify with the overall subject or theme of your website.
  4. Incorporate keyword: The entire content of your website can be summed up in a single word –makeup. Since that’s what you’re working with, try to incorporate your keyword in your domain name. That works well with SEO. A simple domain that could suffice and relate well with your readers is “” or something along that line. However, you must ensure that domain is available.

Once you’ve decided on a sophisticated and relatable domain name, go ahead and choose a Content Management System (CMS) for your blog.

Choose a blogging platform

Deciding on a domain name is important. Don’t get anxious; getting your makeup blog up and running might be a little time-consuming, but the results are far more rewarding. A domain name needs a system on which to operate.

Among the wide array of Content Management Systems, these platforms are at the fore:

  • WordPress
  • Joomla
  • Drupal
  • ModX
  • Concrete5

There are several others awaiting discovery, but WordPress is the most popular and user-friendly. To start a makeup blog employing the components of the WordPress platform, learning computer programming or HTML is not a requisite.

There are two aspects to WordPress. You can opt to run with a self-hosted platform, one that you own and can pretty much do whatever you want on. This version of WordPress is dubbed “”. Diametrically opposed is “” which host and manage your website. Choosing “” would be a clear indication that you are limited in what you can do.  Once you’ve decided on a content management platform, you’re ready for hosting.

The self-hosted option gives lots of freedom and flexibility and is recommened if you are serious about your blog. Here is the guide that will take you step-by-step to setting up your blog from scratch:
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Choosing a hastle-free webhosting service

The webhosting field is quite competitive. Choosing the ideal company to host your makeup blog can be challenging. To choose a webhost, along with a plan that ideally suits your blog, you have to scope out the market and make comparisons. Don’t allow those flashy commercials and advertisements to cloud your judgment. Ensure to peruse the Internet for any reviews or complaints you can collect to influence your decision. Customer service is vital.

There are several other companies on the market, so don’t restrict your options. Subsequent to signing up with a webhost, go ahead and install your WordPress makeup blog.

Installing Your Content Management System

Irrespective of what Content Management System you opt for, the process is pretty much simple. Your hosting control panel will have icons to install the popular platforms. Once you follow the instructions given, the website should be operational in no time.

Make Your Blog Pretty

How your blog appears is very important, especially a makeup blog. Once your website is discovered, the design and navigation can ultimately determine whether your readers stay or leave. Make it pretty. Look around online and check out those websites offering premium themes. Since they do have a demo version or you can customize your website live, it’s important to see how it’ll look before making a purchase. Why is that the case?

A typical case in point: If you encounter ‘Theme A’ and it looks good at surface level, you’ll get the urge to buy it. However, what if after you make the purchase and the necessary installation, the theme looks unsuitable for your website? You’ll be spending money unnecessarily. For every premium theme encountered, ensure you preview it on your website before making a purchase. Also, check with the theme provider whether they offer a money back policy in case the theme does not work.

Navigation is important too. Readers need to seamlessly move about on your blog without feeling cramped or confused. Ensure to have clear menus. A sitemap is also a plus; it outlines to your readers the pages you have onsite.

Once you set up your makeup blog, now is the time to start posting. Make sure your posts are useful and focus on the point. Keep adding posts regularly and consistently. Participate in social media channels and share your posts. Soon, you will see the stream of visitors increasing.
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