How to Delete Account

After some time using the platform to host your website, you will realize that WordPress offers unlimited possibilities, all of which cannot be fully exploited with a account.

You will therefore, get to the point where you feel that you need to move to greener pastures and leave behind. Well, when this time comes, deleting your account is a pretty straightforward affair.

But to be on the safe side, there are a number of steps that we strongly recommend you do before deleting your account. If you are moving your site to a self-hosted WordPress installation, this article will explain to you the steps to take in greater detail. However, if your intention is to delete your account with everything in it, scroll down to the section

How to delete account

Backup and download your content

How to Delete Account The worst thing that can happen to a website owner is losing content. Therefore, the first thing you should do before you consider deleting your account is backing up your content.
Unfortunately, lacks a powerful backup feature and you can also not install proper backup plugins to help you with the task. You are therefore left with the inbuilt export feature that fortunately does the job pretty well.

To export your web content, go to export under settings and choose to export all content. This will export all your pages, posts, comments, tags, and post categories in an XML file. Keep this file well because all your web data is stored here.

The biggest downside of exporting from WordPress is that images and other file uploads do not get downloaded. You will therefore, have to use workarounds to transfer them to your self-hosted website. We will explain how to do this in a later section.

Set-up new website

After you have downloaded your content from your website, it is time to set up your own website. There are hundreds of web host providers offering a wide range of packages that will fit practically any need. Therefore, take your time to review different packages offered by different web hosts and choose one that suits your needs best. After purchasing a plan, install a fresh copy of WordPress. Most probably, your new host provides this service free of charge so you will be on your way with just a few clicks.

Upload content to your new WordPress installation

It is now time to import the content from your old website to your new self-hosted website. To do this, go to import under settings. You will be prompted to install WordPress installer plugin to help you with the importation process. After you have installed it, select the XML file you had saved on your computer and begin the installation process.
Even though images and file uploads cannot be exported from a website, new versions of WordPress CMS can import your images from the old site and assign them to the respective posts. This is why it is not recommended to delete your account before you complete the migration process.
However, if the image’s URL begins with, they may not be imported. A workaround of this is using a plugin like import external images’ which will help you solve this issue.

Make sure everything is working as it should

Now that you have completed all the steps above, you are now set to delete your account. But before doing that, you should take some time to make sure that everything on your new website is working as it should. After you have confirmed that everything is fine, you can now delete your account.

How to Delete account does not have an option of deleting an account but you can delete all your personal information and set your email and password to random strings. This will render your account unusable and inaccessible to you or anyone else.
While there is no delete option, the process is safe to use because your personal information will not be left on the site.

Here are the steps to deleting your account.

How to Delete AccountDelete your site:

The first thing you should do is to delete your site. You can do this by going to my sites, and then settings. Click the Delete Site’ option at the bottom of the page. The next page will give you the option to export your content but because we already did that, just click on delete site at the bottom of the screen.

Remove all personal information:

The next step is to remove all your personal information from the account. You can do this from the account settings page.

Change your password to a random string:

Lastly, you should change your password to a random string. This will leave your account inactive and no one – including you – will be able to access it.

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