How to Create a Blog For Free

Irrespective of the shameless propaganda permeated online with regards to blogging, the truth is yet to be told. Often times you’re told to forget blogging if you’ve not a penny to invest, but frankly, you can feed your blogging fetish without paying out a single dime. With variousblogging platforms charitable enough to allow you to exercise your blogging rights for free, you can jump right in to the blogosphere. Care to create a blog for free and commence blogging today? Here’s how to get it done.

Setting up your blog on your own domain is always better. See this post on how to setup your own blog in just 20 minutes

Step 1: Choose a Free Blogging Platform

What blogging platform should I choose? Should I go along with this or that platform? Many writers are perturbed by those questions once they’ve decided to create a free blog. Yes, your blog is free and won’t cost a penny, but it’s just as important to choose the right platform if you were to acquire a domain name and hosting. Among the many platforms available, you can create a free blog using Blogger , WordPress, Weebly, Tumblr, and others.

When choosing a free blog, a blogger has to look ahead. Do an honest evaluation of your intentions. Will you be using your free blog to earn revenue? What is the purpose of your blog? Are you trying to develop a business brand? At any point in time, will you run ads on that blog?

Why so many questions? Simply, those questions are posed to assist in choosing the right platform. While you’re able to create a free blog, some platforms will limit what you can do, against another.

How to Create a Great Blog Name
A typical case in point: A free WordPress blog offers various functionality; however, bloggers aren’t able to run ads on that platform. Operating a free WordPress blog makes WordPress money, not you. On the other hand, bloggers can use Blogger (BlogSpot) by Google to earn through AdSense.

A blogger should also bear in mind the need to progress. They must be prepared to move from a free blog to a self-hosted blog. This includes registering a domain name and setting up a good hosting account. Self-hosing blogs offer endless rewards as you choose what happens on your blog. Once you’re driving enough traffic to your blog, that can be capitalized on to make money via ads and other revenue streams.

Setting up your free blog on

Create a free blog

Step 2: Breathe Purpose into your Blog

Too often, bloggers commence a never ending journey. On this track, they’re either distracted or disillusioned into thinking they can do anything because they have the freedom to. Frankly, you can blog about whatever you deem fit, but remember, people also have the right to choose whatever they want to read. Free is often associated with cheapness, but your content doesn’t have to reflect that stigma. Make your intentions clear when choosing a free blog. Once you have your course mapped out clearly, your readers will be able to seamlessly follow.

Another aspect of blogging includes doing so consistently. Consistency differs for bloggers. If you decide to blog every Monday, that eventually equates to your consistent blogging. How often would you like to blog? Blogging regularly does not need to equate to publishing 2-4 articles daily. The importance lies in getting your readers up to date with your schedule. If you are to blog twice per week, let your readers know; they’ll likely expect something new from you on those days.

A common business policy states that the “customer is always right”. In this instance, your blog posts should be composed in such a way to assist your readers. While adding a hint of personality to pep up your writing style is encouraged, refrain from making things too personal. No one is interested in what you had for dinner.

Step 3: Post Regularly

Remember, Rome was not built in a day. You have to keep posting articles to your blog. Stick to a schedule, stick to the topic of your blog. Read the guides below and plan your blog schedule. Start blogging!

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