How much does it cost to design a website ?

The simple answer is, it will cost anywhere from $500 to several thousands to get a good website designed, depending on the designer, your requirements and your budget.

Here are some sample projects from which should give a general idea how much a custom web design cost:

This website design costed around $1200 USD

This website design costed around $1200 USD

webdesign cost sample

This web design costed around $470 USD . From contests at 99designs.

This elegant design costed around $1049 USD

This elegant design costed around $1049 USD

This beautiful blog design costed around $1199

This beautiful blog design costed around $1199

Note: images from contents. The design copyright belongs to their owners. Images displayed here only to show as an example.

Before budgeting your website costs, you should consider some important facts and allocate the funds where it actually matters.

What determines the success of your website?

When you start with a new website project, a matter of great concern is always how to get a good website designed that will not only attract visitors but also reflect who they are. Therefore, it is reasonable to worry about how much it would cost them to have such a site designed.

Well, it is good to be concerned about a good web design. No one wants to visit a website that is poorly designed and lacking purpose. The unfortunate thing is that many times, people end up spending too much on web design at the expense of other more important things. For a website, content is king. It is the meat of your website.

So as you are contemplating on where to find a good web designer who will help you create a killer website for your business, please consider the points below. They will likely save you from spending thousands of dollars that you could have channeled towards creating good content for your website.

The purpose of you building a website is obviously to reach more people and get them to your business or idea. Now, what do your target audience want? Good Content.
So the number one factor that determines your website success is great content.

Success Factor 1: Content

Content is King
As mentioned, what your visitors get from your website is more important than how it is presented to them.
Consumers will most likely purchase from businesses that provide high-quality content from which they can freely get solutions to their needs. In the same way, companies that only focus on self-promotional materials might not be as appealing to consumers. For this reason, it’s important that your business focuses on helping consumers rather than just ranting about the superiority of your products and services and why you think your company is better than your competitors. This way, you can attract and retain your customers for longer which translates to better business in the long run.

Content displays your expertise

By continually churning out valuable content, you share your expertise and industry knowledge. Through this, you can position yourself as an authority in your niche which is good for your business and brand.

Success Factor 2: You have to market your website

Unfortunately, many website projects just ignore marketing completely.

Your website just created is an island. You need to attract people to your website. Again, it is unlikely that a costly design would get lots of loyal visitors to your website.

Great, helpful content will drive more people to your website.

Search engines

No matter how high your website design cost might be, if your site lacks quality content that features traffic pulling topics, then all your efforts might easily be considered null. Besides, considering that a majority share of your any website’s visitors comes from other pages other than the homepage, it’s only imperative that you create content to increase your chances of capturing potential customers and clients. Every page you create is indexed by the SERPs which is great for your business’s SEO.

Social Media

Social media can drive new customers and leads to your website through active sharing. For the users to share your website, you need great content again.

So, What do we recommend?

Method 1: Setup your website today. Then improve iteratively

Grab the early bird opportunity by setting up your website today! click here for a step by step guide. It is possible; and is easy.
Start creating great content.
Then you can keep improving the website in steps.

Step 1. Use a Content management System like WordPress to setup your website quickly

You can setup a website using WordPress in less than 20 minutes. Imagine, you will be ready with the first version of your website in the next 20 minutes!

Step 2. Look for a reasonably good theme

You will get awesome wordpress themes – free or paid from here:

wordpress themes at templatemonster

Many beautiful templates/wordpress themes available for under $100

Grab the one that best fits your needs and customize. Your web design is ready!

Method 2: Get a custom unique website design

It is possible that your web project still wants a unique design.

Do Some Research and develop your concept

The troubles in web design starts when you, the customer, fails to communicate the concept and priorities to the designer. Do not expect that you can just give the job to a designer and you will somehow magically get what you expect.
So prepare yourself with a list of websites whose design you like. Search around and look for the type of designs you like. Also look for their strengths and weaknesses what you like and don’t like.
Create sketches; Nothing fancy. Just take a paper and pen and start drawing. That will help your designer For example, Where should the menu go?, what you want in the home page? and so on research at places like, awwards and dribble

Consider a Design Contest

Here is how it works:

  1. You post your project to along with your detailed description.
    You have to select the package (bronze, silver etc) based on your budget.
  2. Designers around the world posts their designs
  3. You award the one you liked the most

Before posting the project, browse around and see some of the projects posted and the designs they got.

Allocate a budget

When you want a website created, begin by creating a budget for the entire project.
Then allocate funds for content creation and marketing first.

This will help you allocate sufficient funds for all aspects of the website.

After this step, start looking for designers who are willing to work within your budget. Make sure to shop around and request for quotes from several designers before you settle on one.

Doing this will not only save you money, but you will also get you a designer who understands your needs and will create a website that suits your purpose.

Is your project actually a WebApp?

This section is added because we see many of the requests for web design are actually WebApps.

So, what is the difference, you may ask?

If your website project requires lots of dynamic features like:

  • uploading files,
  • doing calculations,
  • making reports ,
  • members only features -like profile, addresses, scores

etc, then your project requires programming as well.

So what you want to build is a WebApp.

Web design means only the design (the look and style). Not all designers do programming. You will have to find web developers as well.

If you want to build a WebApp, with lots of dynamic features, be prepared to allocate much bigger budgets to the project. It will need web developers (who do programming) and testing and a longer time to develop.


You will need to allocate $1000 to $2500 for a decent web design job. However, keep in mind that design is only part of the entire web project. You will need funds for

  • Actually getting the website built
  • Content
  • and marketing the website

in addition to the design.

A good strategy would be to setup the website immediately using WordPress and a good theme and improving over time.


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