Blogspot vs WordPress

When you are thinking about blogging, the first thing you get confused about is the platform on which to start your blogging venture.
First, you need to understand the different options available.

1. BlogSpot

Blogspot is owned by Google, is a free service. There is no premium/paid option. The options available are limited. In case your blog grows well, it will be a bit difficult to move your blog to a Self-hosted WordPress platform. If you intend to make a professional blog, we wouldn’t recommend Blogspot as starting point.

2. Free

WordPress offers a free blogging platform at You can register for an account and start blogging. The free account has some limitations. However, this option is good to get started. When you decide later to expand and move on to your own self-hosted platform, you can migrate your existing posts to the new platform easily.

3. Self-hosted WordPress

If you are serious about blogging, then this is the best option. You have to get a paid hosting account, your own domain name and install wordpress on your website. The advantage is that you get the complete control and ownership of your blog. It is not complicated too. You can setup your own self-hosted blog and make your first blog post in less than 20 minutes.

In the following section, we compare blogspot vs self-hosted WordPress.

Difference between Blogspot and WordPress

Blogspot vs WordPressBefore we go into what each offer, it is important to understand the difference. When you host your website with Blogspot, you are only renting space. Blogspot fully owns your website and they are responsible for controlling and maintaining it. On the other hand, WordPress is an open source Content Management System that you use to create your website. You therefore fully own it and are responsible for all maintenance.
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Blogspot vs WordPress

1. Domain Name

On Blogspot, you do not need to register your domain name. You can select a subdomain to use that will look something like You however have the freedom to use a domain name that you already own. With WordPress, you must register a domain name before your visitors can find you online.

2. Storage Space

Blogspot provides you with 1GB free storage to host your account. If this is not enough, you can easily link your Google+ account to take advantage of the free 15GB that Google offers (Blogspot is owned by Google). The downside of this is that your website is not really your own. It is owned by Blogspot.
When you use WordPress, you will need to buy hosting. Depending on your web host provider, you may get a free domain name for a year with a new hosting account. The advantage of this is that you are the exclusive owner of your website.

3. Design and Customizability

While Blogspot makes it possible to edit your templates using an intuitive drag and drop feature, you will only have limited ability to perform advanced customization and design selection. There is also no provision for FTP. WordPress on the other hand gives you complete control over what you can do. You can customize your website’s design as you wish and can choose from thousands of available themes. With WordPress, you can make your website look unique and pretty.

4. Plugins

Blogspot does not offer plugins to increase your website’s functionality. You however get a decent selection of simple gadgets that you can use. This is where WordPress really shines. There are thousands of plugins available to add functionality to your website. This means that your website can be what you want. From a simple blog, to an online booking agency, and even an ecommerce store. The possibilities are endless.
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5. Monetization

Blogspot makes it very easy for you to integrate your website with Google Adsense. You can therefore easily monetize with the platform. Unfortunately, this is the only monetization option you have.

WordPress gives you full control on monetization methods to use. You can use banner ads, run affiliate programs, or integrate Google’s Adsense and other monetization methods.

While Blogspot is a good platform, it falls desperately short in terms of customization and flexibility. Also, the idea that your website is not your own is terrible. The clear winner therefore, is WordPress. It really excels in all areas and is therefore, one of the best platforms to build your website on. No wonder more than 60 million people are using it.
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If you have to use Blogspot, we would advise doing so on a test website. But for a full production website, use WordPress. It may take a week or so to learn how to use it comfortably but it is totally worth it.

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