Blogging Meaning

A blog is an informational website. The entries in a blog, known as ‘posts’ are typically displayed in reverse chronological order (the most recent post appears first). Blog is the shorter version of its earlier name weblog.

In fact, blogging has taken over in the past decade and many businesses, business owners, and individuals are doing it to bring awareness to their product, brand, or everyday life.

Early days

Back in the day, blogging was almost like a diary. It was a place where you could spill the beans about your life and others would read it and learn more about you personally.

As technology has advanced, more people have access to blogs and this means that more people are able to blog. While blogging used to include an online diary, now it is an avenue to provide readers with useful information about products, services, and anything you want the reader to know about.

Is a Blog Different Than a Website?

Blogging Meaning
A blog needs a website as a platform. In fact, you can have a website and no blog. Similarly, you can write a blog in any of the free blogging websites like or Many people use blogs as a way to market their business, but you can still use it in a traditional sense and talk about a journey you plan to go on, etc.

A blog:

  • Is updated on a regular basis, sometimes daily, weekly, or monthly
  • A blog allows for readers to engage such as comments or suggestions
  • Is written to provide additional information above and beyond what a website provides

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How to Blog

If you are interested in learning how to blog, you cannot simply just open up a Word document and post it to the Internet. There are some rhyme and reason to blogging.

If you want to blog, you will first need to think about a topic and purpose for your blog. Once you have this in mind, you will be able to name your blog. Your name should be relevant to the topic you plan to blog about.

Next, you will need to setup a self-hosted site to have your blog on, such as WordPress. WordPress is a bit of a learning curve, so you will need to spend some time learning more about it and how to properly create a domain and site for yourself.
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Once you have a site and name, you will then need to find interesting content that others want to read. You should research keywords and content to help you par down a list of ideas to write about.

Lastly, start to create the content and always include videos, images, and unique content that is unlike anything else on the web. If you copy content from another person, you will likely find yourself in a lot of trouble.

Blogging is more than just typing a bunch of words on the computer and setting it to “live” for others to see. You will need to spend time finding your voice and attracting readers.

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Read these guides on how to start with your blogging venture:

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